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Green Building Energy Savings is dedicated to saving homeowners money and energy through the promotion of green building techniques and Energy Star® qualified appliances and building products.

Our list of resources include energy efficient building practices for every aspect of home construction or improvement. From the best heating and air conditioning techniques to the preservation of existing energy through the use of radiant barriers and wall cavity insulating techniques, you'll find valuable money-saving information on how to improve every aspect of your building or home.

We also detail the latest state-of-the-art green building techniques, including the use of solar power for both immediate energy and for seasonal thermal stores via solar collectors. Green landscaping techniques and greywater re-heating systems can be utilized to save homeowners money and energy while further protecting the environment by efficiently using energy and water while reducing waste and pollution. At, sustainable building practices are a thing of the present, not the future.

Energy Star Products, Appliances, and Building Materials

Although not affiliated with the EPA's Energy Star program, Green Building Energy Savings is dedicated to strongly promoting the use of appliances and building materials displaying the blue Energy Star logo. These products are certified to meet the now international Energy Star standards of efficiency. From heating and cooling systems to home electronics and lighting, any items bearing the Energy Star seal will boast an average of a 20-30% energy savings over standard products of the same type. Entire buildings can be Energy Star certified as well, with such construction using at least 15% less energy overall than a standard home.

Alternative Home Energy

Strict Energy Star guidelines are applied by the Environmental Protection Agency to all manner of electronic products in a variety of ways. Energy savings and energy efficiency standards are not soley based upon power draw or use of electricity, either. Overall efficiency, length of a product's lifetime, greenhouse gas emissions, and in some cases water usage are all carefully measured against a product's performance versus models of a similar type or design. Only a very low percentage of high-quality, highly-efficient products will earn the blue energy star logo, to be displayed alongside the Department of Energy's yellow Energy Guide label. The DOE's statistical guide details the features and kilowatt usage for each electronic appliance, as well as the estimated annual power costs for that product. Appliances and building materials such as windows, doors, roofing, etc... can all be compared against one another in terms of energy savings and other environmentally green practices. In this manner, educated consumers can not only make a difference in the environment, but also a see positive impact upon their utility bills as well. The environmental benefits of green building can be combined with the alluring aspects of saving money so that even the average homeowner can do both. No matter what home you live in, no matter how long you've lived there - there are green techniques you can immediately implement in your own household that will bring you immediate, unquestionable benefits.

Energy Saving Tips - CFL Light Bulbs Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL's) use 75% less energy and last 10 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs. This translates to a $30 savings over the lifetime of the bulb!

Energy Efficent Heating and Air Conditioning

Save big money on heating and cooling bills through the use of high-efficiency equipment and insulating techniques. Optimal construction of tightly sealed air ducts can minimize energy loss by keeping conditioned air from escaping, while high performance windows and improved methods of insulation can help maintain desired temperatures within the home. By replacing older and inefficient boilers, furnaces, and air conditioning systems with newer, Energy Star qualified models, those new investments are quick to pay for themselves by lowering oil, gas, and electric bills while running more cleanly and quietly.

Learn how the maintenance of desired air conditions can be made cost-effective through the use of dehumidifiers and programmable thermostats. The additions of an Enery Star rated dehumidifier reduces moisture in the air, making occupants more comfortable while reducing heating and air-conditioning equipment run time. Programmable thermostats allow you to reduce energy output during the times your home is unoccupied, yet bring conditions back to the desired level at specified times of the day or night.

Under-floor radiant heating advances ensure that temperatures are higher at floor level and decrease upward toward the ceiling. With no forced hot air blowing around, a radiant heating system won't dehumidify the air or dry out nasal passages. This dust-free, allergen-free method of heating is cleaner and more efficent than conventional heating methods.

Energy-efficient roofing systems can lower roof temperatures significantly during the summer, reducing the energy needs for air conditioning. Cool and reflective roofing materials such as coated asphalt shingles and roof membranes are available designed to reflect the sun's radiant energy before it penetrates into the interior of the building. In addition, solar roofing system advancements have lowered their cost and improved appearance. Modern photovoltaic electricity-generating tiles now have the look and installation of typical ceramic roofing. These PV systems allow homeowners to generate their own electricity and even resell some of it back to their utility company.

Green Insulation Techniques

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