Energy Star Qualified Dishwasher Appliances & Dishwashers

Dishwashers have gone from a once luxury item to a staple of most residential homes. Using large quantities of super heated water, dishwasher appliances usually require a large amount of energy to run. Fossil fuels such as oil or gas are used to supply the hot water tank, and of course electricity is needed to run the motors and dishwashing jets during all cycles. This makes the household dishwasher a source for huge potential energy and utility drains, but with the correct choice of an efficient Energy Star™ rated model, also a source for great potential savings.

Energy Saving Dishwashers Qualified by an Energy Star Rating

Dishwashers displaying the blue Energy Star seal will always use at least 41% less energy than the Federal minimum requirement for energy consumption. These are the standards set forth by the EPA and the Department of Energy, and they must be adhered to in order to maintain the Energy Star logo. It's been estimated that by replacing a dishwasher manufactured before the mid 1990's with an Energy Star rated model, a homeowner will save utility costs averaging about $30 per year.

Energy Saving Tips - Dishwashers by Energy Star By choosing an Energy Star dishwasher over a non-rated dishwasher of the same type, the average homeowner will an estimated $90 over the life of the appliance.

In general, these dishwashers conserve energy by using less water per dishwashing cycle. Less water usage means less water pollution, more conservation, and more energy savings for the environment. Additionally, these models tend to use less hot water to get your dishes clean. Using less heated water means your home's heating system will run less often, translating to extra savings in oil, gas, or other heating fuel.

Energy Star qualified dishwashers are also better in design, because the manufacturer must use less electricity and energy to achieve the same results as other comparable dishwashing machines. This is done through the use of higher-quality motors, better placement of water jets, and more efficient use of hot water and steam cleaning cycles. Models that can get dishes cleaner in less time will usually use less energy and water than other models.

Countertop dishwashers are also available for those with limited living space, or for homeowners who don't want to sacrifice too much of their cabinet or drawer space in the kitchen. For people living in apartments or renting homes, portable dishwasher units are another solution. Many of these models even have the same capacity of normal under the counter dishwashing machines, but can be moved in and out of the kitchen when dishes need to be done, or tucked out of the way when company comes over. Portable and countertop dishwashers both plug into standard home outlets and include flexible hose systems that hook right up to sink faucets to get their water supply. The same hoses are used to drain water during the rinse cycle.

The purchase of an Energy Star dishwasher can save you money in the long run through solid design as well. Higher-quality appliances always tend to last longer and require less overall maintenance than those made with lesser components, meaning you'll need to repair or replace your dishwasher a lot less by using an Energy Star rated product.

Dishwashers & The Deptartment of Energy Yellow Energy Guide Label

While out shopping for home appliances, everyone's seen those little yellow Energy Guide labels attached with each model's exact statistics. Make use of these figures when deciding the right dishwasher for your needs. Different models may have different features, but all of them will display an annual operating cost at the bottom of the label. Take this into consideration of course, but remember that only labels depicting the blue Energy Star logo affixed to them have met the EPA's requirements for the Energy Star program.

Energy Star Rated Dishwasher Manufacturers List

The list below contains dishwater manufactures who have designed at least one or more models achieving Energy Star status. There may be others not included on this list, and the list may include older models no longer available. Remember also that the EPA's requirements for the Energy Star program are constantly changing. Check each manufacturer's website for up-to-date information on their Energy Star rated dishwashers and the features for each.

Fischer & Paykel
General Electric
- 3 models
- 6 models
- 27 models
- 58 models
- 100+ models
- 7 models
- 6 models
- 5 models
- 6 models
- 3 models
- 7 models
- 6 models
- 10 models
- 4 models
- 24 models
- 12 models
- 12 models
- 37 models
- 12 models
LG Electronics
Porter & Charles
- 4 models
- 6 models
- 4 models
- 12 models
- 70 models
- 26 models
- 9 models
- 9 models
- 39 models
- 28 models
- 14 models
- 7 models
- 6 models
- 16 models
- 5 models
- 7 models
- 12 models
- 25 models

Energy Star Rebates and Tax Credit Qualifications

Click Here for Energy Star Rebates and Tax Credits

Rebates are available on the purchase of many energy efficient products by Energy Star, as well as other Department of Energy approved appliances and building products. Both state and federal tax credits are also available to those homeowners who choose to build green. Check the Energy Star website link above to check by zip code for a list of such rebates & savings near you.

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